Dear Parent: Please listen to me; because, this is my view…..

Dear Parent,
I salute you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s very sad to me and to all the parents when I see the current situation in my country. Our children are ruining at home with little hope remaining. Our sons have become thugs with many of them indulging in drug abuse. Our daughters are at greater risks of early pregnancies and marriage, many of those that have been impregnated have opted for abortion. Here, some have died while attempting to get rid of those pregnancies, some of them have contracted HIV/AIDs, while many have lost hope in life.

Things don’t seem to be getting any better. What is the problem and what is the solution?? Who will rescue my generation??

The situation that we are in is new and therefore, it requires new measures and tactics to handle it. It is clear that if we do nothing, the situation will get worse. *The pandemic at hand, moral decay, character retardation, and immorality shows that something is wrong and someone is not doing his/her part.

My dear parent, we can blame corona, the government, or even the children. But do you know the child is yours? All other excuses are variables, but you have one CONSTANT, THAT THE CHILD IS YOURS, even after COVID_19. Do you know that the character of your child is very important than their education, your wealth, your business, or pleasure? Character is very important. It’s better a child be in heaven unlearned than to be in hell with degrees. Now, parents, the following are the problems to your children. This is the pandemic killing your children.

Media exists in different forms. The web is full of information that corrupts the mind, not only of the children but also adults. These are things in space, and therefore you don’t have any control over what is posted.

I know there is some good stuff in the media, but the influence of media is more ruining than building. Weird websites are all over, others pop up even without you visiting them. This is part of what is corrupting the children. How do they access the media?

a) TV
A television, when used well can be a learning tool, but if misused, it can damage the mind. When we leave the children to watch the television all day, some all night, what do you expect? Most of these night movies and soap operas are really corrupting the minds of teenagers. Many of these programs have erotic scenes that awaken their sexual desires. The kissing they watch, the petting and romantic statements stick in their minds waiting for an opportunity to avail itself for practicals. As a parent, where do you think your child will relieve such sexual feelings piled in his/her young body? What is the solution then, let the television be on, only during news and any learning programs. If you can’t control that, then sell your television or keep it in store.

Now, parents, this is the greatest devil at the disposal of your child. It’s saddening that your child has a phone that you never bought but you don’t question as a parent. Others have phones that you as a parent don’t even know. I know people have been brought up differently, but a smartphone to a teenager is like dancing at the devil’s gate expecting to be safe, no way. Is having a phone a problem?

It’s through the phone that your child will access corrupting sites from Google, YouTube and other sites. These sites excite the passions of the young growing body, then their body will demand fulfillment of what they watch in the media through the phone.

It is through the phone that your son will organize to meet “Miriam” or your daughter to meet “Alex”. Within the phone, it’s hard but with the phone, as a parent, you have zero control. You will go to the market and in one hour your daughter will be pregnant. She will call her boyfriend the moment you go. Then you go saying you are very strict. You are cheating yourself.

It is through the phone your child will access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. The information found on these social media platforms is not healthy for a young mind. When you expose the young to adult stuff, they start doing adult stuff.

It is through the phone that your child will download and listen to funny music. The music sung nowadays is sung in ‘sheng”. Some parents if not all don’t understand what they mean. You are doing a lot of injustice to your child. These songs being part of literature, they are shaping the children in the wrong way. To add insult to the wound, you find a parent listening to the same songs with the children in the house. God will punish you severely. These Songs are promoting drug abuse and sexual immorality. In fact, many of them are literally talking about sex and drug abuse.

A good excuse, they use with the phone is learning. No child is thinking about academics now. They claim that the teacher was sending notes and assignments and a parent is Okey with it. Yes, your child can be studying, but do they study overnight? When a child is online at 2 a.m. at night, whom do you think your child is chatting with and what are they talking about? Parents you need to get serious.

Solution. If you bought your child a phone, pick it. Let him/ her use it during lesson time alone. There is no online lesson past 10 PM at night. These words may sound awkward to you but don’t just let your child to get ruined while you are seeing.

If you can’t control the kind of music played in your house, sell your Woofer. The essence is to keep the mind of the child uncorrupted. Keeping the mind pure.

This is one of the leading causes of the teen pregnancy.

Many parents are used to being at work, waking up very early and returning late, hence having no time with their children. That aside. During this time, some parents are still careless and negligent.
Your child leaves the house and you don’t ask where he/she is going, the child returns home late and you don’t question as a parent, the child has a better phone than yours and you don’t want to know where it came from. That is called parental negligence. She brings home her boyfriend and you are Okey with it, you never load her phone with credit and you don’t care where she gets credit from. Do the necessary.

Some parents have a small house, yet you live there with your grown children. At night they hear everything you do. Don’t you know that they have a body also, with the same desires of what you are doing? Such a parent is not considerate, you are responsible for ruining your child.

We thought that being in school is a nuisance due to school fees and pocket money. I want to tell you that if you are not giving your child pocket money, you are the cause of the ruin. If you don’t give your daughter money, someone else will. Either sponsor, boyfriend, or that bodaboda rider. Some boys are stealing so that they may give your daughter money. Had you given her you would have saved her pregnancy and the death of your neighbor’s son shot while stealing.

Other parents lack spiritual control. You were used to chasing your children on Sabbath and on Sunday to go to church. Now COVID_19 is here, no churches, no relationship with Jesus, you find yourself empty and having nothing to tell your family. Because of this, your family has never had any family worship. The last prayer your child remembers is the one that was offered the day before they were released from school. A mind disconnected from God is a mind exposed to the devil. Then the devil meets your child in YouTube and they become friends. Parents, let us contact God through family prayers and family worship.

It’s always said that an idle mind is a workshop for the devil. Idleness is tempting. After the child has piled the wrong habits from sexual movies, evil songs, and pornography. Any idle time is used to remember the things watched.
That idle time is an opportunity for them to practice what they saw. Idleness is very dangerous. Many girls who are pregnant today is because of idleness. She had nothing important to do, then her boyfriend called her because he had something to do. And that is how your daughter returns home with a grandchild.

My lovely parents, pen and paper isn’t enough to tell you everything. Just pray for your children and do your part as a parent. Plead to God on their behalf.when we follow this advice, I’m sure Kenya will be a better place to be. If your daughter is pregnant, don’t reprimand her, maybe it was due to your negligence. Don’t take her to the doctor for an abortion, it’s a sin of murder. Encourage her and support her lest she commit suicide and you lose both. If your son is taking drugs, advice, and call a counselor to help.

I believe I have made sense of this. As I fold my paper and pen, it is my greatest wish that the days ahead will be better for us as your children and to you as our parents.

Thanks in advance.

Yours Faithfully,

Aboki Amos Amy

Form Four: Ober Boys High School


  1. Phanuel Ondele 18 July, 2020 at 23:50 Reply

    This letter evokes a lot of emotions about the role of parents during this covid-19. Seeing the rising cases of teenage pregnancies and crimes, especially from young people is something to shed a tear. Thanks Amos

  2. Mr. Meraba Raphael 20 July, 2020 at 03:30 Reply

    Thanks Amos for your excellent work, you have indeed said it clearly. I hope this message is of a big help to many parents and teenagers, keep it up

  3. Hellen Nyaboke 20 July, 2020 at 13:43 Reply

    Thanks so much Amos for awakening us parents that we have a major role to play to our children especially during this hard time of the’s a challenge indeed.

  4. carren 20 July, 2020 at 14:57 Reply

    These is true, thanks Amos.My advice is to parents, let’s talk to our children about sex,phones and even Tv because, even marriages today break because of these. No secret any more.We are leaving in a digital era where our children know more than us parents. Let’s tell them the dos and don’ts because some of us don’t know how to use the phones. They also may use friends phones.Better to hear from us than to practice from friends or movies.

  5. mama mustafa 20 July, 2020 at 15:04 Reply

    This is abitter truth .we must agree that we have failed as parents n go back to drawing board!
    our “busy schedules” are ruining the future of our kids .we have neglected God’s counsel in Deutronomy 11:18..thus….teach them to your children everytime,when you are asleep,awake,sitted,walking and every other time …and the consequense? vers26,_28! help us God!

  6. Anne mokua 20 July, 2020 at 22:07 Reply

    As parents we’ve failed our children by not taking responsibilities serious.. May God protect our children from these predators that are consuming the lives of our children.. Be blessed our son Amos

  7. Josephat 21 July, 2020 at 00:06 Reply

    Great and greatfully message amo this is serious to all not only children’s but also parents have failed to take responsibility to their kids especially girls,I think this message will create more sensitive to all who will read carefully, thanks alot amo for your message

  8. Mellen. K. Ariges 21 July, 2020 at 15:13 Reply

    An absolutely distinctive n powerful script. Data( facts n statistics ) well collected. Impressed. Amo, keep doing wht u are doing. Its not a walk on th park to come up with these logical ideologies. God bless u as u continue synthesizing th nation. Big up.

  9. Naomy kemunto 4 August, 2020 at 20:23 Reply

    Thanks Amos for this wonderful educating message ….we as children need to take care of ourselves and as well as parents aweken to perform their responsibilities with easy time…. if we only learn to handle ourselves with care….it’s both challenging to us and parents too…you’re doing great keep going brother

  10. Naomy kemunto 4 August, 2020 at 20:27 Reply

    It’s a powerful scrip indeed..keep going brother… always at your service to give you support as we pray God to Grant you more wisdom and knowledge.

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