You are doing an amazing job. We have seen some of you strain so much just to save lives. To make matters worse, some of you have contracted the disease and others have left us forever.

Hello great friends.

First and foremost we have to thank God for the tender care that He continues to give us as His children. It is through His grace that we are alive until this particular time. So we have to appreciate and thank Him for everything.

The situation that the whole world is facing right now, makes me to not only think about writing letters to students and parents, but also to our loving, caring, and hardworking doctors and nurses and other frontline workers in hospitals, airports, and other border regions. These are the people that are awake day and night to make sure that our friends and relatives that are sick of COBID-19 in hospital beds and in home-based care centers are treated.

It is through love and care that they put their lives at risk to work day and night to look after patients of this global health pandemic. It is through this noble duty that makes me feel obliged to write to them.

let me begin by sending my heartfelt appreciation and congratulations to you, all our frontline workers. You are doing an amazing job. We have seen some of you strain so much just to save lives. To make matters worse, some of you have contracted the disease and others have left us forever. Death is painful. It is unfortunate that COVID-19 is something that has affected the global economy and everybody is crying. However, I cannot imagine the cry that you people have. may God see you through.

Doctors, it’s unfortunate that many of us are failing to take the responsibility needed to manage this pandemic. While you are active on duty, let me tell you what happens. Few of us are wearing masks, many of us Kenyans have ignored the social distancing directive, and are reckless. As a student, it saddens me, doctors. I am writing letters to a majority of Kenyans to warn them of the pandemic and tell them to keep to good mannerism.  Do you know what? while you are on duty, our young boys are becoming fathers by impregnating young teenagers. Some young men are in drugs and crime. Let me tell you, some parents have neglected their parenting responsibilities. some teachers are teaching online while others are waiting for the coast to clear to go back to class. I decide to use my creative mind and speak through my pen to make a difference.

I am saddened seeing how the society is transforming to be a jungle, doctors. Do you get the time to watch the news? I know you are always busy so let me tell you. We will open schools in January to complete the syllabus and do exams. Do you think I would like to be a doctor? No. I would like to be a journalist, I would like to a writer, I would like to be a voice, a voice for the voiceless. I would like to tell the world about you. about your noble service to the nation, about your commitment to saving lives. I will tell the work about our failures to keep to the rules. I want to speak for everyone. but for your good work, kudos!!

Fellow Kenyans, Our nurses, doctors, surgeons, and many more have a high and holy calling from the Almighty so as to perform this work of treating the sick. The character of this work and the extent of its influence calls for earnest effort and unreserved consecration, of which our doctors and nurses have. Since and even the pandemic, our doctors and nurses have been at the front line to make sure they save the lives of their friends, children, relatives, and humanity in general.

Our doctors who work in the ICU day and night to save lives, I can’t forget you. The hard work you do in there is not in vain. The difficulties that you go through, let them not make you lose hope. The loving and caring spirit that is in you, let it continue prevailing. Let that spirit make you be called blessed, by the blessed.

Our surgeons performing the very critical task to make sure that the innermost parts of our bodies are in perfect condition, thumbs up. Being in that sector is not an easy task. May the Lord lead you in every step that you make, may He keep guiding you so as to continue saving the lives of our citizens.

Our lab technicians, I also can’t leave you behind. You are the ones that examine us and direct is to where we are supposed to go. You also have a very hard task to perform but know that it is the call from God that you are there to help. The kind of experiments and tests that you do to diagnose diseases such as coronavirus is not a mean task. At all times, may you be guided by the Holy Spirit. For the knowledge that you have, let our good Lord add you wisdom so that you can make good decisions in your work.

There are so many groups of medical practitioners that I’ve not mentioned. May you work with your whole hearts to save lives. Since the pandemic, we’ve seen your good and perfect work benefit our nation. I lack words to explain your wonderful deeds.

Above all, remember that you treat and God heals. Never forget our Lord as you do your work. Always call upon His name so that He can guide you in every step all the way.

A doctor that is most successful is the one who loves God. the one that sees God in his work and worships Him as he traces His wise arrangements in the human body.
The most successful doctor is he who fears God from his youth, who feels that Christ is his constant companion, a friend with whom he can always commune. Such a doctor/nurse would not exchange his/her position for the highest office the world could give.

As I finish my letter, may God’s light keep shining in your lives and career. May your families and relatives be blessed. May the work of your hands be blessed. I congratulate you for everything that you are doing.

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

Yours Faithfully,

Aboki Amy Amos _ Ober Boys High School



  1. mama mustafa 31 July, 2020 at 23:03 Reply

    wow,such a recognition from a teen is quite amotivation to us health care givers.thanks Amo. Cudos

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