Are you proud of who you are?

“You can never attract more respect and love more than what you give to yourself.”

One of the key things that give us the confidence to ask questions in class, to interact with other students well and to help us stay optimistic and peaceful is self-esteem. How much do you value yourself or what do you think about who you are? Are you proud of being you or do you often see other people as being better than you? Self-esteem has to do with taking pride in and having confidence in who you are, your abilities and your worth

As students, we ought to know what kills our esteem hence deterring our dreams. One, allowing ourselves to be affected by comparing who we are to others. Comparison can be in terms of family background where we feel like others are from a better family background than us. We feel average and allow them to feel superior and better. It can also be in terms of our physical appearance. We feel they are more beautiful than we are, or happier than us or they just know a lot than we do.

As a student, always understand that you are perfect the way you are, fashioned in the image and likeness of God and that as you sit there pitying and thinking lowly of yourself, another person you’re thinking of highly has the same feeling about themselves and wants to be just like you. The earlier you discover this the better. You can never attract more respect and love more than what you give to yourself hence learn to love and have confidence in the self which will later grant you the urge to work hard and the confidence to consult on the things you do not understand

Schools have offered a platform for all students to be equal and never have anything to do with student background by having an equalizer which is the school uniform, equal meals, and similar learning materials. Family background hence should never have anything to do with your education or self-esteem. While in school focus on your education and not on knowing who comes from where or wasting time pitying yourself and overthinking over the same and hence operating on a mind-set of a failure or an unlucky individual

Always remember you were born in that specific family for a reason and always work hard to change this and to live a better future than your current life. I was personally brought up in a very humble family but I never allowed it to ever define me and right now I can only look back with pride. Accept the situation and then work hard towards transforming it. This too should help you choose your company wisely, choose those with similar dreams as you for birds of the same feather flock together. Do not be in a company of people who make you appear less of a human and push you to psychological torture. Be in a company of like-minded individuals who are ready to work hard and achieve pleasing grades and results.

To those who are suffering low self-esteem because of careless words spoken to them at any point in their lives either at home, by friends or angry teachers. Words are not meant to define you but the fire inside of you does. Never let the fire in you and the thirst to succeed whither. If anything, these words should fan the spirit in us so that our success will shame them. Guard your esteem and your spirit and pursue your dreams wholeheartedly.

By: Shunzah Dinnah (Shunza is an actress, having featured in TV Shows such as Selina. She is also a model and a Host of the ESL Show on ESL Media TV)



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