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My boyfriend promised to marry me and never leave me. When we started the second semester in the second year, he told me his parents could not object to our relationship and that he could help me get a job in his father’s business. A few weeks a realized I was pregnant I broke the news to him. To my amazement, I have overheard his friends say he is planning to defer and do away with me as I had played cheap to find. How do I manage my studies now that it has all happened?

Kindly help

Being pregnant and going back to school can be very challenging. You have to deal with pregnancy itself and all of it’s symptoms. On top of that you also have to deal with the demands of being a student. I totally get it mama, I was there too, twice with both of my pregnancy I was attending college. I survived and I want to share with you 10 super helpful ways you can manage school while being pregnant. I’m not here to tell you it’s going to be easy, because it’s not. But you can totally do this, I promise!

With my first pregnancy, it was easier for me to attend college because I did not have morning sickness and I felt pretty good throughout my pregnancy. I had the energy to attend my classes and concentrate on the subject that I was attending for. I did fail a class (math can not be taken while pregnant, haha!). But I did pretty good with my other classes.

With my twin pregnancy, I had a more difficult time attending and concentrating on my accounting classes. I had morning sickness and felt horrible the first few months. I managed to survive and finish that semester of classes and then I didn’t attend school during my second pregnancy. Know your limit and know when to take a break from school.

These 10 super helpful ways to manage school while being pregnant will help you rock your classes and will also help you find smart little ways to concentrate more and pass!

Choose a realistic school schedule

Attending school (college, University, etc.) is very time consuming, demanding and also stressful. In order for you to have a successful school year while being pregnant, you need to have a realistic school schedule. Meaning, take less classes and take the classes twice a week, instead of everyday (depending on your school). For example, when I was pregnant with my first child, I took only two classes per semester and only had to go to school twice a week. This made it so much easier on me because I traveled less and I studied more, even though sometimes I didn’t want to study!

Take “easy” classes

By taking “easy” classes, I mean taking classes that are less stressful and that are not part of your major. Take electives, speech class, lab, computer or anything of that nature. This will take a load off your stressful shoulders and you are still taking classes that you need to graduate, so why not get them out of the way now?

Morning or afternoon classes?

Register for your classes during the time where you feel the most energized and less sick. Make sense right? I mean, if your morning sickness is the worst during the morning, than take evening classes and so on. You need to pay attention in class and the more awake, happy and energized you feel, the better you will do.

Eat well

Make sure you always eat your breakfast, lunch,snack and dinner. This will help you feel less irritable while you’re in class and you of course concentrate better. No one, pregnant or not, concentrates on an empty stomach, eat your food mama. You’re nourishing yourself and your growing baby.

Do what you can

Please do not load yourself with 5 classes that you need to attend everyday from 8 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon. No No No! I’m just trying to look out for you pregnant sister (I’m not pregnant though). Do yourself and your partner a favor, do what you can and take classes that you know you are going to pass and do well in. You can even register for one class, do not rush, you will graduate eventually.

Speak to your professors

I spoke to my professors during both of my pregnancies about the fact that I was pregnant. This will help them understand you more and sometimes be more lenient with you. (yay baby!) They will stop wondering why you’re running to the bathroom every 10 minutes because they finally know that you’re not crazy, just pregnant. Speak to your professors to give you more time to complete a project or a paper, work with them for your benefit. For the most part they will be understanding, mine were anyway

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