From my own Eyes: Mum, and Dad, is it too hard to pay attention?

Give us the attention we need. I believe none of your parents is so poor to avoid paying attention.

It is too hard to pay attention to my opinion on this piece? I hope not.

May I take this chance to thank the Almighty for our lives as students and to you as our parents. It’s a good thing that God has still granted you life and He has given you a chance to be called a parent. During this pandemic, there are so many challenges at home and from the look of it most of the problems come from parents as compared to the students. My question, therefore, to all parents, is this, Is it too hard to pay attention to us as your children?

Am saying this because the only trend I am seeing in my county is that the parent is either not too careful to look at his/her children or he/she is too strict to them that they fear even sharing their problems with them.

If a parent has left his or her child to walk freely without considering the place where the child is going to, then it becomes a good recipe for chaos. As a parent, it does not cost you a dime to pay attention to know the friends of the child, his/her dressing style, the time of reporting back at home, the phone they have, and even what they do online. Is this too much to ask mum? Is it too much dad?

Momie, if you are the laissez-faire parent such that you don’t even have time for a parent-child conversation, tell me, how do you want your child to express herself or himself to you?. From my observation, these are some of the points whereas our parents, you don’t consider at all that’s why we as children always end up messing and regretting the bad things we do. Could you just pay attention to us?

Let’s talk about freedom of movement, during this time of the pandemic. When your daughter frequently gets out of home, sometimes without your permission, what do you usually do? Whenever you don’t pay attention and are happy that my daughter is here, you know what? They take that as the new standard in the home. Look, if I know very well that my parent is never going to ask me where I was then I can do what I want and go wherever I want with the person I want. When this happens, then I can build a wide menu of where I can go; a bar, my boyfriend’s house, mere loitering, or engage in meaningful activities such as studying. Daddy and mummy, what is you take on the ever-increasing cases of teen pregnancies and drug abuse? Please pay attention to this.

Let’s also talk about dressing. There are households where both parents are still present and alive. Picture this, I decide to wear a skimpy dress or miniskirt and leave home to go to a friend’s house. Coming back, I find no confrontation or issue from my parents. You know what dad, this becomes a habit. I do that daily and I may never realize I am creating too much-unwanted attention from the village boys and young men. I have been told that men get attracted to what they see so if they admired my thighs because I was walking half-naked and my parents were fine with it and have never corrected me, then I am off. The parents will have so much time regretting when I wake up with morning sicknesses and I test positive, for what, pregnancy. Parents, please pay attention to what we wear.

Let’s turn our eyes on parenting. I am a student and not a parent, inasmuch as I lack experience in this area, I have some observations in stock. Kindly pay attention to it as well. We have parents that are ever busy with work and other “important” things. Their young children are handled by the “housemaids” and they grow up knowing this. If I am such a child then suddenly teenage knocks and then I begin experiencing some physical changes in my body and some are very strange and the only person I can talk to is the parent but my parent is too busy with work that she can’t pay attention. I will choose to go and share it with a friend who may manipulate me and give me the wrong direction. I only realize that when am already in the hole. Tell me mum, who should be blamed?

Is it really too hard to pay attention to us as your children dear parents?

What about being too strict in the home? Let’s take the situation where a parent does not even have time for a joke, always unhappy and in anger. The father can be extremely harsh to listen to the child asking for something like Kshs. 50 for sanitary towels. The girl can decide to find solace in another person outside the home. The danger is such help comes with conditions, this is one of the things that have been the cause of pregnancies among the young girls. Our beloved parents why? Why is it hard to pay attention to us?

In my point of view, I see these as some of the major problems we are facing as students and your children during this pandemic.

What do you think we can do?

First, I think, the bottom line lies in paying close attention to your children. Always take the time to monitor the behavior of your children at home. Give them an ear and help o address the challenges they face. Secondly, advise us on dressing and the best practice in fashion. Well, some of you are students in this sector but remember, you are our parents and you have the right to nurture us.

Parents, please pray for us always and teach us to pray for you.

Most important, Give us the attention we need. I believe none of your parents is so poor to avoid paying attention. Do you know what! It is free. So just pay attention mum, pay attention dad.




  1. Victor Okoth Onyuro 21 July, 2020 at 08:18 Reply

    A great piece Mercelene. Hopefully this message reaches most parents out there so that they get to know what they haven’t been doing right, of course from a student’s perspective.

  2. Nelson Masenge 21 July, 2020 at 11:29 Reply

    Awesome work Merceline,
    I have always said that parental obligations are slowly becoming a history,
    Your story serves as a wake up call to all parents and guardians, and yes, let parents take responsibility and stand up before we loose this generation.

  3. SUSAN ACHIENG 21 July, 2020 at 19:57 Reply

    Congrats the girl for the great work,, honestly parents should pay attention to their children and also play their part well in taking care of their dolls or else cases of pregnancies will keep on increasing,they should also have power to stop their kids from doing wrong things.

  4. Winston ochoro 22 July, 2020 at 21:12 Reply

    This is great, indeed it’s an eye-opener to most of the parents during this time of pandemic. Good work congrats!!

  5. Jeff Oluoch 22 July, 2020 at 23:12 Reply

    This is a wonderful presentation Mercy. I didn’t see some of it coming.
    Indeed this is a challenge to all parents that as much as they are busy hustling to make ends meet , they are as well obligated to give a listening ear to there children.
    Proud of you #Arian

  6. Odhiambokevinodhiambo 23 July, 2020 at 14:32 Reply

    Actually it’s a very good idea now that all parents around the world absolutely know what they should do.And for this matter Mercy I fully support you.

  7. Thomas Situma 25 July, 2020 at 12:32 Reply

    Nice article Arian,it sends a powerful message out there more so to the parents and children at home.

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