How best are we using social media during this Covid-19 restrictions? Lets watch the red flags.

"The line between our digital lives and our social media lives is blurred hence someone should be very careful on how they use the various social media platforms "

The effects of technology have been felt in almost every aspect of life and one important area of life that has experienced a tremendous change in the employment sector. There is a great change in the way employees contact their employers, how they store files and analyze employer’s performance

Another change has been felt in the way human resources are recruited. In the past, job seekers connected with their potential employers through letters, face to face meetings, and then with time, it has been through telephones.

Nowadays, advancement in technology has transformed this into something better and easier. Companies post vacancies available online and require job seekers to apply through an online applicant tracking system. This is advantageous in that it saves on the time and labor that would be needed to deal with paper resume and personal calls

The social media accounts are at the forefront in posting the available jobs in the market and their different locations and also in linking the jobseeker to their potential employers. This happens on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on linked in where one needs only account with his profile

Safe Use of Social Networks

It is said that everything good has a disadvantage. Despite the goodness of the social media platforms and the fact that it can offer someone an employment opportunity, careless use of social media platforms can taint one’s name resulting to them losing their jobs or curtailing them from getting employed

It is, therefore, necessary for our young ones to know that all employers are now relying on social media profiles and other information available on one’s page to get to know their general reputation and to determine whether to give the job seeker the available opportunity or not.

Be careful!

Your social media presence can ruin and have a negative effect on the way others perceive you online. The things you share create an image of who you are to friends, employers, business connections, and even to strangers.

Be careful knowing that your employers are using your social media to vet your suitability for the announced position. Most firms use one’s social media platforms such as linked in, Facebook, and twitter to evaluate one’s fitness for the job.

The line between our digital lives and our social media lives is blurred hence someone should be very careful about how they use the various social media platforms and being cautious about what the posts meant for the bragging of fun can utterly darken one’s future.

Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media

Inappropriate photos-Inappropriate photos display a bad image. Such photos can be posted innocently but they spoil one’s reputation

Trying to be relevant– Talking and commenting on recent events in the community, offering political opinions and informing the masses on what annoys you in the society can backfire or be misinterpreted affecting you negatively

Your speech– Be careful about what you say either on media or even to friends. This can be posted on social media by friends and as it goes viral, it might affect you badly. We have many people who made funny, petty but stupid comments which ended them in regrets

Being tagged in questionable posts– You might be as innocent as I am but the fact that you allow your social media friends and family to freely tag you in their posts can still harm you. It is said, show me your friends and I will tell you your character, avoid being tagged in questionable posts. You can do yourself a big favor by deleting your name from such posts and unfollowing such friends or giving them a stern warning

Using pseudo names and accounts– Youths have decided to shake the digital lives with pseudo names and accounts. You can never get to know their real names on social media. They have combined names of characters in movies, to locations, to nouns, and any other crazy way of getting a name you can think of. We believe if you are straight, you have nothing to hide and hence have no need to use weird names that are actually not yours

One should also avoid spelling errors, too many typos and posting unprofessional photos on social media just to be safe and to portray a positive reputation hence saving your image to your employers

The Do’s on Social Media

The fact that social media can curtail you from securing your dream job, one can think that the best thing to do is to avoid social media. This is not a solution, imagine what will happen if an employee is looking for information on social media and cannot find any?

Being on social media is essential. One just has to do the following:

  • Use social media well by avoiding unnecessary posts and other petty mistakes
  • Establish your profile on every social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This builds one’s reputation and prevents impersonation
  • Mind your words
  • Be ready to deal with those trying to tarnish your name by reporting them to social media management, by untagging from the post or ending the friendship
  • Keep an up-to-date profile
  • Beware of your friends’ list, do not accept friendship from people you do not know and even those with pseudo names

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