ESL Student Study Plan
KES 500/Month
This package offers students in primary and high schools a chance to get original and authentic academic content from teachers, examiners and other professionals. Students can take part in various projects and get individualized mentorship in their lines of careers and other areas of social and personal development 1. Quality revision materials from examiners on a monthly basis. 2. Participation in workshops and seminars 3. Networking and mentorship 4. The Job Shadow program 5. The ESL Expo
ESL Language Center
KES 500/Month
Multilingualism is essential for effective communication, understanding of other cultures, and the development of global citizenship values. In addition to being part of a global personal cultural identity and a practical tool for communication in transnational teams, multilingualism has been linked to creativity and to problem-solving. These two issues are vital in in addressing complex issues. Our Language center offers experiential approaches to learning English, French, German, Arabic, and Mandarin. In this course you will; 1. Learn Practical ways of managing conservations in either of the languages you choose to study 2. Interact with other learners doing the same course, giving you a chance to network and improve your mastery in verbal/speaking skills 3. Participate in zoom meetings and expand your social capital 4. Take part on oral and written assessments to evaluate your competency 5. Benefit from our lucrative affiliate marketing program with weekly incentives
ICT in Education
KES 1500/Month
ICT revolution has influenced almost every aspect of public life including education. Educational systems around the world are under increasing pressure to use the new Information and Communication Technology to teach students the knowledge and skills they need in the 21st century. Teacher education curricula in developing countries need a revamp to incorporate IT/ICT for effective technology infusion into classrooms. This development implies a shift in the teachers’ role from being the sole source of knowledge and instruction to being a facilitator of students’ learning. In this course you will; 1. Learn how to apply the SAMR and TPaC Models of ICT Infusion into the curriculum 2. Interact and learn from other teachers and experts 3. Participate in zoom meetings and expand your social capital 4. Learn how to make interactive games based on simple available ICT solutions and skills 5. Benefit from our lucrative affiliate marketing program with weekly incentives
Future for Work_STEM
KES 2000/Month
Science, technology, engineering and mathematics workers play a key role in the sustained growth and stability of the global economy, and are a critical component to helping us win the future. STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. Innovation leads to new products and processes that sustain our economy. This innovation and science literacy depends on a solid knowledge base in the STEM areas. It is clear that most jobs of the future will require a basic understanding of math and science. Despite these compelling facts, mathematics and science scores on average among students are lagging behind other developing countries. Our STEM program offers a series of experiential projects for the learners to undertake in virtual teams with experts from related fields. The particular benefits of this program will include; 1. Fostering ingenuity and creativity 2. Build resilience, encourage experimentation, teamwork and problem solving. 3. Encourages knowledge application, encourages tech use and encourages adaption 4. Enjoy weekly lucrative earning through affiliate marketing program
Creative Writing Masters
KES 5000/Month
Do you dream of being a writer? Why not learn from the best? In Your Creative Writing Master class you'll find ideas, techniques and encouragement from the most admired and respected writers blogging, article, and academic writing among others. In this course, you will learn to 1. Depart from exhausted plots and increase your output with creative plots 2. Connect, network, and learn from other writers in the industry 3. Learn how you can build and maintain authority for increase earnings 5. Enjoy weekly lucrative earning through affiliate marketing program
Emerging Technologies
KES 7000/Month
Evidence suggests that the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain, 3D printing and robotics, among others are being employed by organisations to automate simple and repetitive tasks as well as to make complex decisions quickly and more accurately via predictive algorithms. New technologies, in their diverse forms, are revolutionizing the world of work. Knowledge of these technologies is imperative in preparing oneself for the 21st century work of education, business, and work. This course offers a platform for you to enjoy knowing these technologies and position you for tomorrow In this course, you will learn: 1. The various emerging technologies and their impacts 2. Connect, network, and learn with other tech enthusiasts 3. Develop and expand your creative mind and practice imaginations 4. Learn how you can build and maintain authority 5. Enjoy weekly lucrative earning through affiliate marketing program
High School Edition
KES 5000/Year
Our High school Edition offers institutions a chance to link with the ESL Team of mentors. This is a platform where ESL adopts Literature clubs for mentorship, career development, and nurturing the potential of learners. The program gives learners an opportunity to take part in a series of projects meant to develop their skills and potential in various areas such as creative writing, critical thinking, and problem solving. Some of the highlights of partnership with us include 6. Mentorship through the Literature Clubs, which operate as ESL Clubs in the course of the partnership. 7. Discussion and training on the impact of Emerging Technologies 8. The Future for Work and Business 9. The Job Shadow program 10. The ESL Expo