Lets Face It: Change is not so many people’s cup of coffee, though inevitable, it is also uncomfortable

"We have seen a rise in innovations as individuals, institutions, and companies give their best to counter this pandemic"

Kenyans are naturally comic, they joke over anything and everything. Being on the social media space, you might have come across memes like; “we should download another version of 2020 because this one has a virus and 2019 is the ex you shouldn’t have left.” One of last year’s release that made a lot of sense is a cartoon drawing that had a leader asking his followers how many people wanted change and everybody raised their hands. The leader went ahead and asked the second question, “who would want to change,” and surprisingly, nobody raised their hands. This is how unrealistic people become with themselves.

Change is not so many people’s cup of coffee, though inevitable, it is also uncomfortable. It is the element that orchestrates the process of having better days ahead. Sometimes it’s slow but always sure. It has the tendency of packaging itself as a need, positioning itself strategically to inform decisions and cause a paradigm shift. Without it, it’s impossible to realize a revolution, transition, transformation, migration, elevation, and reformation.

Nothing makes me laugh like Smart Joker’s song, “Tumetoka Analogue Tuko Digital,” hilarious but captures the analog-digital grand migration so precisely. The truth is, we no longer live in the past and therefore we must adapt to the way our current environment is meant to function and be willing to evolve and meet the future need. At times, we have been reluctant on embracing change and this has had a negative impact especially on our works and businesses.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has become an eye-opener to many workers and business owners. The need to move education, work, and business-related activities to online has never been any greater. Right now, everyone has seen the importance of the internet and technology that is compatible with this network. It is obviously clear that desperate situations produce the most creative ideas. We have seen a rise in innovations as individuals, institutions, and companies give their best to counter this pandemic. On Monday, ICT, CS. Joe Mucheru informed the public about the Konza Covid 19 innovation challenge /competition that will foster creative ideas on health operations, logistics of food and water, and online jobs. On their blog, they wrote, “….the Pandemic offers countries like Kenya, that have invested in technological, human, and infrastructural capacity to reinvigorate its economy, create new businesses; skill, reskill and upskill its young populations to play an even bigger role in the post-Covid-19 technologically enhanced economy.” For more information visit https://www.konza.go.ke/events/covid19hackathon/.

Konza, a digital city designed to be a sustainable world-class technology hub with the primary purpose of job-creation and innovation is a clear illustration of where Kenya is headed. Upon completion, Konza smart city is expected to have created 50,000 jobs that sound good, right? The number of jobs may not be the issue, but shall we have enough personnel with the required digital skills to work in a smart city? Let this question be a wakeup call to every young person eyeing these jobs and start a journey of acquiring the necessary skills. In case you don’t have an idea of where to start, ESL is here to help you.

It is evidently clear that Konza Technopolis and other upcoming mega projects will never create opportunities enough for everyone. However, we have the online space as a present-day land of opportunities, a goldmine with greener pastures. Congratulations to the people and companies that have taken calculated risks to venture in online jobs like writing, marketing, content creation, design, forex trading, etc. They have paved the way and now willing to guide whoever is ready for these and many other opportunities. For the business people remember what Bill Gates said, “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” Standard Group will tell you; ‘times change, so should we.’ Finally, Erich Fromm once said, “In times of change, learners inherit the earth.” Keep learning, stay relevant.

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