"Target the right audience, people consume content based on their interests."

Moments are times when I receive invitations to read blogs or watch Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube videos from individuals who have given themselves to make content and reach people with ideas that shape the world in one way or the other. We post for different reasons such as to educate, entertain, counsel, market, etc. In recent days, we’ve had many parties interested in social media content creation. Some have identified a gap that they have come out to bridge so perfectly, getting huge ‘followership’ in return. Those doing marketing have sold, entertainers have made fun, mentors have caught the attention of mentees, teachers have won students, pastors have made new followers, and so on. On the other hand, we can’t ignore the fact that some have rarely come any closer to achieving goals for their content. From observations, the following are elements that will separate a successful content creator from the rest.

Purpose; this is a very common word that we rarely pay attention to. Humans are naturally mission-oriented and in everything we are in pursuit of particular accomplishments. The reason for which one is creating content is very crucial because it forms the basis of objectivity. Purpose enables us to set reasonable goals that help in measuring our achievements in terms of how far we have come and what working plan we need to get to where we want to be.

Creativity; a tendency to generate or recognize ideas, or possibilities that may be useful. In real sense, the number of content creators is increasing at a higher percentage rate than that of the world population. In other words, we are having a steeper competition that will require turning new ideas and imaginative ideas into reality in order to win. The audience appreciates someone whose content is able to take them to an adventurous journey away from the obvious.

Authenticity; it happens quite often when we are buying stuff, we prefer what is genuinely authentic to what is counterfeit. There is a sense in which the original self becomes king and dominates the entire environment. Content creators must run from the temptation of wanting to become someone else by copying and replicating exactly what they see others do. Of course, I’m at no point saying that we can’t borrow ideas, it’s just that the execution should be as original as you if you have to breakthrough as a brand.

Consistency; the content must be marked by regularity or steady continuity. Every content creator should depict a patter of time, subject, and form in which they upload content. Inconsistency loses the audience for they are unable to understand where you are coming from or anticipate where you are leading them. The journey gets boring and you lose them along the way.

Choose a particular line of content, any great content creator is known for something. This helps in focusing on a specific subject, giving it undivided attention, and becoming smarter in that scope of the content. You either do business or sports, politics or comedy, beauty or recipes, agriculture or news, fashion or photography, etc. Any attempt to make content in all these areas will mess you up unless there is a smooth strategic way to merge them in a related manner.

Target the right audience, people consume content based on their interests. Many content creators start this journey by sharing their work with friends and relatives for support. Honestly, the highest form of support comes from people who love, value and find your content useful. This group of people will be your fans, they will not only subscribe and follow you on your platforms but also read your blogs and watch videos, like comment and share them. Endeavor to reach the right audience and be better than best.

Edwin Kiarie is a marketing practitioner, enthusiast, and consultant. You can reach him on +254 797 086 920 or edwinkiarie27@gmail.com

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