Lets Face it: Tech and World Wide Problems

"There is a sense in which modern-day ingenuity seeks to solve difficult problems, often in original, clever, and inventive ways"

“You are graduating at a time when the world and Kenya, in particular, is being faced by enormous challenges, but also at a time when opportunities presented by these challenges have never been any greater.” said Mr. Kris Senanu to the three thousand five hundred of us. I would be lying if I said this was the first time I was getting to hear these words. They have been repeated in thousands of versions and I just loved this one in particular. It was simple to decode and right on point.

Isn’t it crazy to imagine crises, natural phenomenon, rampant corruption, poor infrastructure, limited resources, unemployment and many more challenges as a blessing in disguise? Well, this is probably the reason every major breakthrough calls for some level of “insanity,” at least every innovator has been associated with madness. It is therefore inappropriate to be normal in an abnormal world where adapting to the new normal isn’t a choice.

There is a sense in which modern-day ingenuity seeks to solve difficult problems, often in original, clever, and inventive ways. It is also amazing how an attempt to solve one problem leads to another problem that is even more desperate for a solution. For instance, the internet came as a global network solution and on the other hand cybercrime was born. A puzzle that presented questions only cybersecurity can answer. It’s exciting to know that human life is a series of needs characterized by a chain of problems.

Business is a matter of satisfying needs, the art of providing solutions to various problems. It’s only logical to identify positions of opportunities for which we are well suited, such as a particular market in business. Working towards bridging such gaps will give us a differentiated advantage and in the process of exploring and exploiting these opportunities, we will definitely excel.

No shadow of a doubt that indeed the world is experiencing a noticeable functional change with advancement in tech, availability of information, hunger for freedom, etc. One major change is happening in the world of work and business. William Bridges in his book JOB SHIFT talks about how to prosper in a workplace without jobs. Noel M Tichy, author of “Control Your Destiny or Someone else Will” describes JOB SHIFT as a great book- a real breakthrough, a guidebook for work in the 21st century helping us clearly see that our old concept of the job is disappearing. Society, companies, and individuals must prepare for a new de-jobbed world of work.

Someone said that thinking is the hardest work there is, this is why few people engage in it. We are in a time when humans need to become sources of witty ideas as opposed to pairs of hands. We have seen machines downsize employment opportunities, putting careers at stake. Robotic technology causing much more damage yet uncountable opportunities for the open-minded.

In a single word, I would describe the future as “needy.” Well, needy but choosy. It will favor those that are able to suffice its wants. The process of adjusting to fit future demand for relevance is way longer than this post. For this reason, ESL is working around the clock to prepare you for the future world of work and business. When all is forgotten, remember optimists see an opportunity in every difficulty. Be the excellent student, see you at the top!


  1. Peter Wanjiku 17 April, 2020 at 16:41 Reply

    An awesome piece here Edwin. Put in clear, concise and ‘black -and-white’ manner of language. Really insightful, keep putting this in writing!

  2. PATRICK WAFULA MUNUKU 18 April, 2020 at 12:08 Reply

    Great work. I concur with you. What specifically is ESL doing to prepare young ones for the future world of work and business? We also understand that the world is increasingly becoming dynamic, what are your projections of the job market and business world?

  3. phanuel 22 April, 2020 at 18:06 Reply

    Hi Patrick, thanks very much for your comment. Now to begin with, we are offering consultancy and training on emerging technologies to parents and teachers with the expectation that this information can be disseminated to the learners and students in schools. Our programs are tailored towards preparing the students for the changing world of work and employment.
    We are also doing the same directly to the students in different capacities; at high school and tertiary levels of learning

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