Many are the plans in a man’s heart, however, it is the primary desire for every member of the society to have a good house for shelter. Shelter is a basic necessity to give shade, to repel wind, rain, and keep warm, although people look for more than that. When individuals seek to buy property for building a house, buying or renting one, they consider offers situated in a convenient location, close to all local amenities. Houses have moved from being a mere shelter to a measure of social status and a symbol of achievement. People work extra hard to save up enough to acquire their dream houses but unfortunately, most of these dreams do not make it to the world of reality before they are downsized, and sometimes aborted or even forgotten.

The biggest percentage of urbanites live and work in rented space. Landlords, not only the ones owning offices, apartments, and flats but also mabati structures in the slums are highly regarded and usually treated with fear and trembling. As long as someone is a landlord in a particular city, they are considered successful. Due to rural-urban migration and the fact that cities and towns are centers for various economic activities, the demand for housing is always high. I am tempted to say that the need for housing will not be satisfied any time soon. Investing in real estate and real estate management is and will remain a lucrative business. This venture will work best for persons that will invent a way to affordable housing and pose serious competition to the system currently in place.

When business is increased in real estate, it tags along another industry called construction. Beyond putting up buildings, construction companies work on other infrastructures such as road networks that are very important for the development of real estates. With outcomes like improved safety, lowered labor costs, faster issue resolutions, an increase of quality, and improved customer experience, recent emerging technologies are changing the game in the construction industry and the company’s ability to adapt to these changes will be very advantageous and rewarding.

Having such a huge demand for building and construction also means that architects, urban planners, and quantity surveyors are in for plenty of business. Architects of our day are dealing with clients who want unique designs that will give the feeling of beautiful houses. Urban planning in Kenya has never been implemented as it is supposed; however, individuals seeking to build find themselves consulting with professionals to obtain that perfect plan on their property. Quantity surveyors in our country can be described as few at a time when their expert knowledge of project management, construction costs, and contracts are highly needed in building projects. Individuals and companies thinking in this line of business are likely to find nothing except a high potential industry. Finally, manufacturing, production, and supply of construction materials will experience major growth in the future more than ever.

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