Lets Face it: We have two options, build multiple Skills or lose Relevance

"The beauty of technology is it's unique ability to improve quality and efficiency, reduce cost, and enables workers to work without necessarily being present physically"

It was on 14th February, lovers’ day, and here I was selling red roses around Prestige Plaza. On the ground, I had vendors within the locality helping me move the precious commodity. You see, we operate in a free economy, and bargaining is mostly part of our business transactions. One of the vendors called me to agree with a customer who needed a reduction in the product’s fixed price. Listening to this courageous man, I had every reason to let him pay less and get more despite the flowers’ high quality and demand.

Why I called him courageous, he had resigned from his white-collar job for a very reasonable reason. “…with the increasing cost of living, we need several hustles, and my former job couldn’t allow me to do something else,” he said. Dr. Ravi Zacharias keeps on saying that we must live our present life doing two things (i.e. referring to the past while engaging the future). The future is a mystery that gives us the room to observe and analyze a pattern of events to see the invisible and plan for the uncertain days ahead.

Kenya is a developing country with a growing economy. It is the hub of East Africa’s economic activities, the pride of Africa. Although this gives us an upper hand when it comes to global golden opportunities, we need to learn from the developed economies because sooner than expected our job system will be like theirs. This is when time will be of a higher value and worth as the circumstance will push people to take more than a single job.

Let’s do this together. Observe keenly the people around you who are considered financially stable and note they have several streams of income. The majority of Kenyans have a single channel of income and thus explains why we are a “poor” nation. Well, some have become smart and beyond their main job, they have set up some side hustles. A futurist must study and predict possible futures, and conclude that a multiple job system is staring at us.

By this time our economy will be operating 24 hrs as people work day and night. However time conscious we become, we still remain time-bound. Limited time will slow down the rate of what we are able to achieve within a set length of time. We lack the ability to birth time and only left with the option to master the skill of redeeming it. Being humans is limiting in itself, obviously, nobody can work around the clock. This is the exact point where technology takes over and calls for the design of digital applications, machinery, and equipment that will be relevant to the prevailing environment. The beauty of technology is it’s unique ability to improve quality and efficiency, reduce cost, and enables workers to work without necessarily being present physically. It changes the matrix to a better form.

It is also good to bring to our attention that the fancy future we are talking about might take longer than necessary if we aren’t proactive enough in addressing our education system as early as now. Education is the only process; formal or informal that imparts relevant knowledge, skills, ideas, and facts that are responsible for creating solutions while satisfying needs. Failure to accurately align our education system with future demand for relevance is exactly what Robert Burale refers to as a dark man winking at a dark woman in a dark room, expecting her to wink back. In such a situation light is a friend to go for, whereas in an education context, ESL is your light. Let’s be friends and face the future with boldness.


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