"Why is it that every man thinks that every girl dreams to become a wife."

Did you know that the things we do today bring out the uncertainties of tomorrow? During this time, the deeply the voiceless have been hurt and it’s not because they can’t speak for themselves; instead, it’s because they haven’t been given the chance to speak. It hurts that what we used to embrace is now becoming a past simply because our future is lying in the present, the present that is becoming malicious.

The Lives of girls have become an endangered case. Just what and where are we heading to. It’s so because no one would ever imagine that what we long feared would become the norm. It is now everywhere in the media that girls are being molested by the people known very well to them. The idea of a father having sex with her daughter, a brother and a sister, and people of the same family line is common knowledge. The world has changed. These things have become common in the news. Just recently, there was this case of a 50-year-old man sleeping with his 36-year-old niece and they have 3 children. The era of the pandemic has been the mirror through which these happenings are manifesting. It is so sad.

Instead of our parents standing out for us, they are the ones destroying our lives. Sometimes it’s even better that they would not have given you life if they wouldn’t mold you. How is it? How does a father reason to the extent of even impregnating his daughter? What is more sarcastic is that an elder of the society can dare take advantage of a small girl, a girl that is three times less his age.

If this is the case then why are laws passed to protect these girls. If today it’s not a matter of law, then it’s the duty of every parent to protect their own children. How will these girls understand the good and bad if you yourselves ain’t good examples?  To you parents, has it been erased in your heads that the outcome of your child is your doing? Every perception that a child has is what they have known mostly from their parents.

Where did the motto of “YES WE CAN” go. Where have the rights of our girls been thrown into? Were they made to be seen as archives or to be implemented? We are busy impeaching governors but has it occurred to you that the rights of our girls have also been impeached. It hurts to know that the women leaders we elected are doing nothing about our girls. Why can’t we understand that we need these girls? Even they too have dreams, even they have destinies to live up to.

Why is it that every man thinks that every girl dreams to become a wife. Let’s treasure these girls because if we don’t then where is the next MARGARET KENYATTA going to come from? Who’s gonna be the next LUPITA NYONG’O? Where do we get our next WANGARI MAATHAI.

It’s now everyone’s duty to stand and fight for the protection of their dreams. Lets encourage them, plead with them,make them feel loved and help them make there own decisions because with a clear and healthy mind they will make us feel proud of them.

Compiled by: Grace Mulih Kavata


  1. Amos Aboki 5 August, 2020 at 22:40 Reply

    This is great Mulih,, keep it up continue shouting to this people so that they can get you right. Bravooo

  2. Betty 8 August, 2020 at 12:53 Reply

    U are the best my princess continue advocating for girl child,u are the light in darkness,gogogo girl,I love u so much my baby girl.

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