The Great Migration

"Jobs that had long been seen as inferior and unfit, are now seeing a rash for the available opportunities"

The contemporary society is experiencing a great migration in terms of the nature of jobs that are sought by our current generation. It is like the white-collar jobs which were highly sought and admired by everyone are currently losing test

The knowledge-based economy increased the emphasis on degrees leaving the blue-collar jobs to the less skilled.

The mentality that the youths had over the white-collar jobs is slowly fading and rapidly being buried in the past. It is no surprise to find a graduate in any given faculty you can mention or think about putting his degree in the house just to go seek extra knowledge and skills that will enable them to secure a blue-collar or a green-collar job. With the increased number of graduates versus the few jobs the government can offer, many have turned into creating employment for themselves hence termed as self-employed. The jobs that were once despised and regarded as “dirty” are now widely preferred by many graduates and using all means to evade the white-collar jobs.

Most students after their form four now opt to go straight to the institutions and colleges that offer skills and diplomas or even degrees in these fields. This shift in the nature of jobs is also influenced by the emerging issues such as technology and the need to conserve the environment

Blue Collar and Green Collar Jobs

The 21st century has left many people tired of being stuck behind a desk staring at a computer or a telephone. They are now seeking jobs that involve their hobbies

Blue-collar jobs are the kind of jobs that involves performing manual labor. It involves physical work hence involves both the skilled and the unskilled people. Most skills in blue-collar jobs are acquired by the employee while working

Green collar jobs involve working in the environmental sector. They implement environmentally conscious policy and technology to improve conservation and sustainability. These jobs aren’t well defined as the white-collar jobs or the blue-collar jobs for they range from manual to managerial

With so much emphasis on the environment and going green campaign, green jobs are highly sorted out. These jobs aim at improving the environment by reducing waste and pollution. These jobs are in a large corporation, small business or non-profit organizations

Emerging Opportunities in the Blue Collar and Green Collar Jobs

There are varied opportunities that are emerging in the blue-collar and green-collar categories for both skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled people. These opportunities include:

Recycling-this is a blue-collar job that involves converting waste materials into new objects that are useful

Waste disposal-Involves collection, transportation, treatment and disposal for both industrial, biological and household wastes

Other many opportunities in the blue-collar category include construction, technical installation, maintenance, plumbing, electrical, shipping pest control, food processing, farming, commercial fishing, and textile manufacturing

Opportunities in the green collar category include:

Hydrologist-hydrologist deals with the properties of water such as the volume and streamflow. They test the soil PH and also analyze data on the effects of soil erosion, pollution, and other environmental problems. This position needs a university degree

Ecologist-This are scientists study the ecosystems and the different organisms within them

Forester-This is one who is in charge of forests and is skilled in tree planting, managing and caring for trees

Pollution control technician- this technician carry out tests to determine the level of pollution in the surrounding environment.

Toxicologist-This analyze and study the effects of chemicals on living organisms and how to treat an organism exposed to toxins

Other opportunities include environmental chemist, urban and regional planning, waste disposal manager, environmental health and safety technician and pest control, officers.

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