"..We enjoy and see beautiful flamingoes fly up in the sky,"


I move and move to the beautiful Kenya, my beautiful motherland,

I, the local girl, the girl from the village, my homeland

Bear feet, torn dress, beautiful face, in a wonderland

The girl who loves Kenya, the girl with the beauty, the beauty of Kenya,

My beautiful motherland


I wake up early in the morning, facing Mount Kenya,

I run to the top, I see water, valleys, and mountains.

Haaaa, My beautiful motherland.


At school, I learn, I go to tour Mombasa,

“Mji wa Raha,” our teacher says,

I visit the bitch,

I play on the bitch

I see Fort Jesus,

I reach Vasco Da Gamma,

At the bottom of my motherland.


I reach Lake Nakuru,

My classmates follow my teachers too,

We enjoy and see beautiful flamingoes fly up in the sky,

We enter the golden gate of Serengeti,

And see the sparkling golden creatures, oh what a day!

A day well spent in my beautiful homeland


Bomas of Kenya,

A home of culture,

Wanjala, Muthoni, and Otieno,

Rise up, blow the whistle, and move the beautiful Kenya.



Kenyans, rise up to the top of our country,

Enjoy the scenes of Masaai Mara,

The Tsavo, Tsavo the sibilio,

Our home of culture,

Pictures of tourism, bravo pleasures!

All in my beautiful Homeland.


  1. Amos Aboki 25 July, 2020 at 06:23 Reply

    Ariana you are really talented, I love seeing and reading articles from young minds of students and you are one of them that will make me enjoy reading,, well-done

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