Early next year, we are likely to see more children being born, Will they have fathers? Yes, they will. Will the fathers be able to fend for them and show love? No, because they need it as well from their fathers.

Have you ever asked yourself how life will be post_covid-19 insofar as far as our girls are concerned? If not, this is the true picture of how it will be;

Right now our girls are suffering in the hands of their heartless fathers, uncles, grandfathers, “sponsors” and male friends. They’ve been robbed off their innocence, naivety, and beauty. Many girls have been molested, abused, and impregnated. Ironically, the people who should protect and ensure that the girls are safe, now they are the ones on the front line to impregnate them. We may think that the girls are safe in the hands of their fathers or brothers but in today’s world, which is full of evil, they are not!

How many times have we heard cases of fathers raping their own daughters, brothers rapping their own sisters, uncles rapping their nieces? Furthermore, they go on threatening them but later on, the results are either pregnancy or STIs. Not to forget the people in power who are driven by their bodily desires and protected by their power and wealth like chiefs and police officers. They impregnate our girls and use their powers to threaten their families and do everything in their power to hide the truth and hinder Justice. I will give you a case in point of these two police officers that lured a girl into the hillside forest. Amazingly, the chief was among those that were keeping watch as the 16-year old girl was being defiled by one of the officers. I think after she was done, the other could go finish it up. This is the state of affairs in our country during this pandemic. Who do you think this girl would have gone to report to?

After all this suffering they run to the authorities without knowing that they’ve jumped from a frying pan to the fire, there they are abused. There was this case in one of the coastal counties of this little underage that was alleged to have been rowdy and “uncontrollable,” the mother took her to the cells only to be defiled by one of the officers who thought she was juicy than her wife. When the case came to limelight, the girl was at odds on whether to blame it on the mum or the police officer.

So what happens Post-Covid-19?

I think one of the key observations will be an increase in population. Early next year we are likely to see more children being born, Will they have fathers? Yes, they will. Will the fathers be able to fend for them and show love? No, because they need it as well from their fathers. Will the young mothers provide for their young kids? No, they need to be provided for still. Will they have safe deliveries? I think no because their birth canal is still small, they may need C-section to deliver. Is it safe for them? Yes, but it may affect some of them in the future as they may have difficulties in delivering. I am not an expert on this subject, though this is just my opinion and projection.

Let’s look at family unity. Will the families be safe and united? I think no, there may be blame games in some families as to who was responsible or failed on their part. Some fathers may turn on their mothers, some mothers will be ridiculed by society. The girls will be stigmatized and their esteem ruined. Is this the best reward we can show off as a society post-Covid-19? Not and not at all.

Is there anything we can do?

Yes, let’s keep talking to our girls and boys, men and women, and everyone in society. Life post-covid-19 is still here for us and we all belong to this universe. Fellow Kenyans, let’s be each other’s protector. If we do, we can secure tomorrow by reducing cases of;

  • School dropouts
  • Early pregnancies
  • Increased crime rate
  • Early marriages
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poverty

If we will be silent, watch and carry on with the blame game as we are doing, it means we have lost tomorrow’s female leaders, teacher’s, engineers, doctors and many more great people.

Now mothers, aunts, grandmothers, its time you wake up play your part for the best of you daughter, niece, granddaughter before their






  1. Betty 29 July, 2020 at 18:31 Reply

    Good work bro,u are a motivational speaker I love the courage ad concern u have for all students all over the country be blessed

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